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QLC is a lifelong learning school for people excited by change. We empower industry experts and practitioners, like you, to share your knowledge with tomorrow’s makers through virtual learning sessions.

Becoming a global instructor with QLC allows you to share the wealth of knowledge you’ve accumulated with those driven to always be learning. 

When you teach with QLC, you:

Teaching, reimagined. 

Teach remotely

Educate tomorrow's makers

Expand your global network

Hands-on content

Bite-sized sessions

Intimate class sizes

QLC instructors are world-class experts.

Join some of the best and brightest, the most inspirational, and those making big waves in their industries. 

Head of Tech & Analytics

Tim Phang

Public speaker & educator


Cofounder & marketing expert

Ian Chong

Cofounder & design director

Richie Nainaney

Chief Innovation Officer

Leesa Soulodre

CEO & Cofounder

Daniel Bar

...and more!

Where some of our instructors come from

QLC instructors teach about technologies and industries shaping our future.

Whether you’re a startup founder building autonomous vehicles or a social entrepreneur designing solutions to reach the unbanked, we think what you’re working on matters. Share what you know and are passionate about with those eager to learn from you, such as:

Relevant 21st-century skills

Exposure to a diversity of cultures

Understanding of emerging technologies

Trending industries making the news

 How it works

We believe the best teachers are those who are active in their industry. Submit a short application telling us what you want to teach and why you’re passionate about it.

1. Apply to be an instructor

Whether it’s once a month or once a week, teaching with QLC is flexible and always on your time.

2. Confirm teaching availability

We work with you to ensure you deliver impactful learning sessions. Attend a virtual training to quickly upskill on how to deliver inspiring classes. 

3. Attend training sessions

We empower you to share your industry knowledge and experience with hungry minds through virtual learning sessions. You can teach from anywhere, grow your global network, and know you’re making an impact.  

Host your first virtual session. Sessions are 60 minutes in length and we provide the session outline to help you create an inspiring experience. 

4. Start teaching

Become a QLC instructor today

Applications are now open for sessions starting in January 2019. Are you ready to make an impact?

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QLC is a lifelong learning school for people excited by change. We’re a gym membership for learning experiences, with daily classes running at a network of accessible colearning spaces. QLC members learn together, from global entrepreneurs and experts, about emerging business, technology and cultural trends, and consistently building the skills they need to thrive in the changing world.